Planned, Part I

Eric loves music, playing guitars, hot sauce and spending time with his family. He especially enjoys time with his niece. Eric’s path to independent living is a success story. It’s also an example of learning to let go and the value of planning. Eric lives in Cotati, has three housemates, and he’s very happy. [...]

Heroes, Miracles and Unsung Heroes

It’s been one year since the lives of many in our community were turned upside down by devastating fires. As we ponder the events of last year and remember those who lost their lives and the deep impact the fires had, we also recall the miracles and heroes. Without these glimmers of hope, recalling [...]

Kranz Scholarship

Each year, Oaks of Hebron gives scholarships/internships to people who are pursuing higher education with the hope that the opportunity will broaden their understanding of ministry to people with disabilities and that the recipient makes a commitment to pursue working with people with disabilities throughout their career. Oaks is pleased to announce this year’s recipient [...]

A Fond Farewell

At Family and Friends this year we said farewell to Stan and Lynda Higgins. After years of service, Stan and Lynda felt it was time to relocate to Sacramento to be closer to their children and grandchildren. 20 years ago, a servant came to Oaks of Hebron to pour out his heart and soul for [...]

Thanks For The Memories

It has been my privilege over the past 20 years to be the Executive Director at Oaks of Hebron.  As with all things in this life, change is inevitable.  Beginning April 1st, Eric Martin will assume the role of Executive Director. It is with profound gratitude that I reflect on the past 20 years.  As [...]

What’s Going On?

Quite often the question is asked as to how things are going at Oaks.  It’s relatively easy to give a general answer about the current state of services.  It takes much more time to portray an accurate picture of the multitude of tasks and activities that are taking place on a daily basis. The [...]

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