Recreation & Vacations


Oaks of Hebron offers a number of vacation opportunities each year, guaranteed to have something for everyone! Some of our recent trips have included:

  • Vacations to Disneyland, Hawaii
  • A cruise to Mexico

Trips are staffed approximately on a 1:4 ratio. Assistance is provided with budgeting and medications.


Webster’s dictionary defines recreation as “…a refreshing of strength or spirits after work…” Work and daily living tasks are important and take a lot of time and energy. We need to refresh ourselves and get our spirits lifted. We want to help with that!

Oaks of Hebron hosts a wide range of social, recreational activities designed to offer relaxation, fun, exploration and the building of relationships.

Activities are planned around your interests. Whether you enjoy bowling, swimming, movies, Marine World, a day in San Francisco, sports or almost anything else, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy at Oaks of Hebron’s recreation program.