At Family and Friends this year we said farewell to Stan and Lynda Higgins. After years of service, Stan and Lynda felt it was time to relocate to Sacramento to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

20 years ago, a servant came to Oaks of Hebron to pour out his heart and soul for those entrusted to Oaks’ care. This man came with a heart of humility and with one purpose, to glorify the Lord Jesus. Just like the Biblical example of Abraham who served strangers, Stan has eagerly, sacrificially and thoroughly, served all of us. With Stan’s analytical mind and ability to process numbers like a calculator, the ministry has grown significantly and prospered.

Stan’s abundance of compassion has kept the heart of Jesus in the ministry. He has been there when a heart has been crushed, when others have been mean, and when someone very valuable has taken their last breath. Stan knows the joys of officiating marriages, seeing friendships develop and witnessing growth in people as a result of this ministry. The fruits of Stan’s labor are evident. His heart is in Oaks of Hebron. The ways that Stan has affected us personally, we won’t soon forget. And the ways he has affected the ministry that we don’t know about, we have knowledge of because the fragrance of his love lingers.

15 years ago, in like manner, Lynda came aboard Oaks. With a heart to serve and the smarts to do just about anything, Lynda joined this ministry and partnered in making it what it is today. With great attention to detail, she kept the bills paid, the insurance going, the tax man happy, etc., etc.

Lynda has been a listening ear to so many. She has been a refuge in the turmoil of life. When the troubles of the day got us down and we felt that we had nothing left, Lynda was the warm welcoming face on the other side of the desk to remind us that everything was going to be okay. Lynda has been there for each one of us, sometimes just to listen and other times to give us the nudge we needed.

As Stan and Lynda move on, we know they will be a blessing to everyone they work with and those they encounter. Thank you for being part of our lives.

We also recently said farewell to Scott and Shirley Arkle after two and a half years of service. Scott and Shirley have also decided to relocate to be closer to children and grandchildren. Scott and Shirley, you will be missed.