There is something gratifying about seeing signs, like the one above, along the highway, when tractors and workers are busy improving a road. Knowing that a portion of the money that is taken out of our paycheck is being put to good use makes it a little less painful to contribute those dollars to our government coffer.

Unfortunately, there are many programs that our tax dollars are directed towards that are impossible to identify with such a sign. One of those programs is the work that is done every day in our community by Oaks of Hebron. What you don’t see happening every day throughout our county with over 125 individuals are the support efforts that are happening with our 47 staff out in the field. They are doing such things as…

  • Helping 3 individuals that use electric wheelchairs for mobility to get out of bed, get bathed, dressed and fed before they start their day.
  • Assist 15 individuals to find and maintain minimum wage jobs in the community at such locations as Alsco Linen Service, Safeway, Luther Burbank Center, Lace House Linens, and Sonoma Mission Inn.
  • Transport 12-15 individuals to and from our Growing Together Farm where they plant, cultivate and harvest over 25 varieties of vegetables, fruit, and flowers. This team also cares for a dozen hogs and chickens.
  • Cares for the housekeeping, cooking and life management needs of 5 households where 3 or 4 individuals share a home.
  • Provide phone support and consultation for several clients who call the office each day to ask questions or just hear a supportive voice.
  • Provide emotional support and counsel to a young man who is emotionally distraught because he longs for a romantic relationship that he hasn’t been able to establish.

There are numerous incidents and stories that could be told of the compassionate and supportive work that Oaks staff are accomplishing each day. Though these efforts may be unseen publicly, “Your Tax Dollars are At Work”.